What you get with the Mindful Money Membership:

  • Mindful Money Monthly Maintenance – LIVE
  • Monthly Ignore the Noise - LIVE
  • Occasional (as-needed) market/economic commentary
  • All your questions… answered
  • Access to Mindful Money 360° (our complete 18 module financial education program) for you and your family
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Big Benefits of your Mindful Money Membership


Available to everyone with an internet connection.


Just a few little things to do every month and you can let go of the money stress.


Most of our financial mistakes are made out of either not-knowing or fear. We coach you through both.


Financial Advisors, if you meet the minimums, charge 1%. If you get past the fear learn the simple path, you can save hundreds of thousands in a lifetime.


We don’t sell any products or manage any assets. We want to help you do it right yourself.


Every student of the DIY Financial Plan course also receives FREE lifetime access to our complete 18 module financial education course.

95% of people don't NEED an advisor. When you do, we can introduce you to a good one.

Why Group Coaching?

The single most important benefit of accessing advice in a group setting is that you will save thousands of dollars  and the compounding on thousands of dollars saved can make all the difference in your lifetime retirement income.

Lower cost means more money invested and compounding.

Why Mindful Money?

Mindful Money was created by Jonathan DeYoe. Jonathan is a Lutheran seminarian, turned Buddhist academic, turned financial advisor. His 25-year career has been devoted to financial education and getting advice to people locked out of traditional advice networks. You can read more about him HERE and HERE.

Jonathan and his brother David dreamed of working together to bring the very best financial advice to people like their parents when they were in their 30s. There were no investments to speak of and they were just barely getting by… they had nowhere to turn for education or advice. 

No advisor would speak to them.
No bank would lend to them.
Brokers were only interested in selling them products. 

In 2021, David drowned in the Pacific Ocean. Jonathan wanted to carry on their dream, both to honor his brother and to support his brother’s family who lost their primary source of income. 

He merged his financial planning and investing business into a larger firm and is focusing on providing access to those who traditionally don’t have access – like his parents so many years ago. 

Education is not enough – because knowing the right things to do, but not doing it, gets you nowhere. Regular financial coaching – digging into the monthly details, answering questions, offering perspective – helps you bridge the knowing/doing gap. 

Those who DO fare better than those who KNOW.



The financial world is full of false promises, delusional beliefs, and outright lies. Most of what passes for financial journalism is an attempt to sell you on a manufacturer's product or a particular pundit's worldview. No one can predict what will happen next (good or bad), so none of the catastrophism is helpful in the long-term context. 

The challenge is... we are all gullible, "Humans can be duped by liars and conned by frauds; manipulated by rhetoric and beguiled by self-regard... Not only CAN people be led astray, most people ARE... A sucker may be born every minute, but somehow that sucker is never oneself" – Tim Maudlin

What Exactly Do We Do... in Detail?

Monthly Maintenance Tips
(how to be pro-active)

Every month there are 4-5 things to do that carry you through ALL the details of personal finance throughout the year – enabling you to focus on other things and reduce the money worry.

(Example) January:

  • Retirement Income Plan Checkup
  • New Retirement Savings Automation
  • Portfolio Rebalance
  • How-to Use Year End Bonuses
  • Remember Q4 estimated tax-payments
  • Set up your Annual Filing System

Ignore the Noise
(how to avoid re-acting)

Vanguard, Morningstar, and Russell (among others) suggest the largest benefit an advisor provides is behavioral. We have to push back on the urge to react.

We go live every month (more frequently as needed) to:

  • Talk about major market/economic stories
  • Place those stories in a larger context
  • Remember fundamental principles
  • Talk about what I am doing and not doing in my own personal finances (things you may wish to consider)
  • ...all to keep a steady hand on the wheel
Start Now: Annual Plan ($970)
Start Now: Monthly Plan ($97/mo)

Meet Your Instructor

Jonathan K. DeYoe is the bestselling author of Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend and has led a Bay Area wealth management office focused on client education for over 2 decades. As a Lutheran seminarian turned Buddhist academic turned financial advisor, Jonathan is always bridging money and life. He believes that anyone can experience a vibrant, financially successful life by developing a few important beliefs and following a few simple practices. He does his best work teaching these beliefs and practices in spaces where love and money overlap.

Don’t take our word for it, check out Yelp for a sense of how people enjoy working with us....

"Jonathan DeYoe is a terrific teacher. He helps us understand complex topics and trends by bringing them to life with stories and context."

"Jonathan is a financial industry expert who earned our complete trust and confidence in the first year that we knew him. We have been to dozens of his presentations and he can always explain difficult "market" or "Economic" concepts in a way that we get it. His constant stream of commentary is our "Steady Hand On The Wheel" that has kept us from making big mistakes many, many times."

"I've been listening to Jonathan's Happiness Dividend philosophy for many years now and what I like best about Jonathan, is how personal & honest he is. He's never too busy to talk with you and he makes you feel like you're his favorite person. He truly loves what he does and he is dedicated to giving you the best he has in every presentation and conversation. He has terrific integrity and I just think he's the best."

"Sometimes life can be crazy and I wonder if I'm on the right path. Finding Jonathan DeYoe makes me confident the choices I've made have lead me in the right direction. Perhaps a bit deep to write here, but Jonathan has helped us with more than just Wealth Management. He is a brillant, optimistic guy with a keen understanding of how the world works; without a doubt he sees the big picture. We are so, so fortunate to have found him.”

Jonathan K. DeYoe is the founder of Mindful Money. The opinions voiced and all accompanying materials are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice to any individual. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All indices are unmanaged and cannot be invested in directly. Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal. There can be no assurance that any technique or strategy discussed on Mindful Money will be suitable for any particular investor and there is no guarantee of any specific outcome. Mindful Money renders no individual advice. Personal Financial Planning and Investment Advice are offered only to clients who have signed an advisory agreement with EP Wealth, a registered investment advisor. If you have the minimum investment of $500,000 and are seeking individual advice, please visit https://mindful.money/contact-us and we will connect you with a qualified advisor at EP Wealth.